Peace & Grow☮︎︎

Peace & Grow aims to bring you some of the highest quality hemp from our partner farms in Oregon. 

Together with our partner lab @cannalysis we can ensure the flower we provide is top quality and far exceeds industry quality standards. 

All our hemp products are tracked and traced from the source using @finallyflourish, one of the leading seed to sale tracking companies in the United States. 

All our hemp products and lab reports are verified authentic by @cannverify, the leading block chain backed third party cannabis authenticator in the world.

We are the only company outside the United States that have been approved to use this ecosystem and believe just like our partners in the United States, we have the opportunity to set standards for our country as our cannabis industry expands.

We value the opportunity we have to educate consumers and help promote conscious consumerism. 

Finally, we are very proud and happy to share our products with you ♡︎

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