🍊 Orange Glaze Hemp CBD pre-rolls

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🍊Wake up and reinvigorate with this burst of citrus! Orange Glaze takes us right back to the rush of energy after an early morning doghnut shop run, without the sugar crash.🍊

This strain burst with tangy notes of Valencia orange, rounded out by sweet and sour lemon and lime.

On the exhale, undertones of glazed doughnut become present and last long into the next hit.

This strain is the perfect wake and bake strain that leaves us attentive, just what you need for that first period lecture or any AM activity!

Half gram prerolls hand made with OCB virgin cones.

Verified authentic and traced from the source. Scan your product to authenticate and access strain information and lab results. 


🍊10.66% CBD

🍊Feel: Attentive

🍊Flavor: Valencia orange, lemon, lime, glazed doughnuts

🍊Full Sun Grown