☮︎︎ How is the Kush Hemp grown? Where does it come from?

Our Kush Hemp is grown in the Southern Oregon great outdoors. Oregon is well known for the purity of its soil. A lot of organic agriculture happens there, and the same respectful and caring ethos are applied to our Kush Hemp.

☮︎︎ Will the Kush Hemp get me high?

No. Our Kush Hemp is a CBD rich flower which does not contain any significant amount of THC (which would be what gets you high). See our lab reports for more details.


☮︎︎ What does the Kush Hemp do?

Good question. It actually depends. Everyone is unique and could react to it differently. From our customers feedback it helps a lot with stress, anxiety and sleeping issues. Indeed the Kush is well known for its calming and relaxing properties. Many people also use it to help them cope with symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as pain, inflammation, irritation... The Kush Hemp seems to be a great pain relief. We had amazing feedback from people suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Keep in mind that it might also not be for you. And it’s ok. We support everyone’s health journey whether you consume hemp or not.


☮︎︎ How do I use the Kush Hemp?

  • Pre-rolls: simply smoke them as you would normally. Most people only smoke a half at the time. They’re small but mighty ;)
  • Kush Hemp buds: grind them them first. Then you can smoke them, pure or mixed with anything else you like. They make a great tobacco replacement if you’re looking to reduce your consumption! Feel free to experiment cooking with it, infuse it or make your own cosmetics!
    Here’s a link which might help with your cooking/infusing experimentations: https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/cannabis-and-coconut-oil-uses-benefits-and-a-recipe-to-make-your
  • Kush Hemp pre-ground flower: same as above, except that it’s already grinded for you ;)



☮︎︎ Can I use the Kush Hemp in a dry herb vaporiser?

Yes, absolutely. It apparently works perfectly!


☮︎︎ How much can I consume?

Again, everyone is different. Some people will be fine having half a pre-roll a day, and some people will use the flowers and consume it several times a day. You cannot overdose from hemp so feel free to experiment and find what’s the perfect way of consuming for you.


☮︎︎ Can I give it to my children?

No. Smokables are not for children. However if you make your own infused coconut oil or butter, topical or tincture with the Kush Hemp you could administrate small doses to young people.


☮︎︎ Are the packages smell proof?

They are not specifically smell proof. A human nose could not smell the hemp through the bags or envelopes, however we cannot guarantee that a trained dog for example could not smell it.


☮︎︎ How long do orders usually take to be dispatched and received.

  • If you choose the standard shipping, orders will be prepared and sent within 48 hours maximum. A standard first class shipping usually takes 3-4 days to arrive, HOWEVER, due to the current situation with COVID-19 Royal Mail is a bit less reliable and orders can take up to 15 open days to arrive within the UK, more for the rest of the World.
  • If you choose the tracked shipping at the checkout, orders will still be prepared and sent within the next 48 hours maximum, and should be with you within the next 2 days after dispatch. Choosing a tracked delivery is our best way to make sure orders arrive safely and quickly to you, with less chances to get lost.


☮︎︎ What if I haven’t received my order?

If you still do not have your order after 15 open days, we will first check with you that the address you gave us is correct. Then we will arrange to send you a replacement order.


☮︎︎ Do you offer any discount for returning customers?

We do not. We do appreciate you being a loyal customer, this means the world to us, however the prices on our Kush Hemp are already the lowest possible to allow a maximum of people to have  access to it and we cannot decrease its value any more.


☮︎︎ Do you offer refunds?

No. We do not offer refund or exchange due to the nature of our products.


☮︎︎ Extra information: