☮︎︎ How is the Kush Hemp grown? Where does it come from?

Our Kush Hemp is grown in the Southern Oregon great outdoors. Oregon is well known for the purity of its soil. A lot of organic agriculture happens there, and the same respectful and caring ethos are applied to our Kush Hemp.

☮︎︎ Will the Kush Hemp get me high?

No. Our Kush Hemp is a CBD rich flower which does not contain any significant amount of THC (which would be what gets you high). See our lab reports for more details.


☮︎︎ What does the Kush Hemp do?

Good question. It actually depends. Everyone is unique and could react to it differently. From our customers feedback it helps a lot with stress, anxiety and sleeping issues. Indeed the Kush is well known for its calming and relaxing properties. Many people also use it to help them cope with symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as pain, inflammation, irritation... The Kush Hemp seems to be a great pain relief. We had amazing feedback from people suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Keep in mind that it might also not be for you. And it’s ok. We support everyone’s health journey whether you consume hemp or not.


☮︎︎ How do I use the Kush Hemp?

  • Pre-rolls: simply smoke them as you would normally. Most people only smoke a half at the time. They’re small but mighty ;)
  • Kush Hemp buds: grind them them first. Then you can smoke them, pure or mixed with anything else you like. They make a great tobacco replacement if you’re looking to reduce your consumption! Feel free to experiment cooking with it, infuse it or make your own cosmetics!