Jilter Natural Smoke Kit

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☮︎︎ Jilter has the perfect 3-in-1-set for on the go for you - the Jilter Smoke-Kit!

Each booklet contains 32 unbleached papers in king size slim format, 32 unbleached filter tips with the measurements of 25 x 55 mm and an additional 32 of the well-proven Jilter filters.

The papers are extra-thin (13.5 g / m²) and are easy to roll.

Thanks to the combination of Jilter filters and the rollable tips, you can combine your roll-ups according to your individual taste.


☮︎︎ Details:

- Measurements of the papers: 43 x 107 mm

- Grammage of the papers: 13.5 g / qm²

- Measurements of the tips: 25 x 55 mm

- 32 papers, 32 tips and 32 filters per booklet

- 12 booklets per box